Second Yose through Zoom  (5/23/2020 8pm JST)

We are hosting an online yose theatre event through Zoom starting at 8 pm (JST) on May 23 (Saturday).


     Opening Remarks    Kazumi Hatasa
     Synopsis of "Jugemu" (English and Japanese)
     Rakugo "Jugemu"    Ryutei Sanbou
     Paper cutting       Hayashiya Niraku and Hayashiya Hachiraku
     Rakugo "OKiku's plates" Ryutei Saryu
  (English subtitles)
     Explanations of stories, Kamikiri raffle, and Q & A with performers

Rakugo is a traditional comedic storytelling performance. The performer sits on a 2’x2’ cushion on stage and tells a story which may involve several characters. He may kneel but never stands up. His only props are a sensu (Japanese fan) and a tenugui (Japanese towel). “Jugemu” and “Okiku’s plates” are both very popular classical rakugo stories that are easy to comprehend. Ryutei Saryu makes regular appearances in yose theatres in Tokyo. He specializes in classical stories.  Ryutei Sanbou is Master Saryu’s first disciple.

Kamikiri is a paper cutting performance where the audience shouts out requests (e.g., a scene from Kabuki) and cuts an image out of a blank piece of paper. The act lasts a few minutes, then the performer asks for another request. The performer, Hayashiya Niraku, is one of the few professional performers in Japan. Hayashiya Hachiraku is Master Niraku’s first disciple.

May 23 (Saturday)  8 pm (JST)    12 pm (London)    7 am (New York)

Registration is mandatory to receive a link to enter the event. No payment is needed for registration.

The link will be e-mailed by the end of May 22.


Please pay $10 (USD) after the show.

Spaces are limited to 150.

Relax and enjoy traditional Japanese performances online.

Thank you,

Kazumi Hatasa (Purdue University)
Kazuhiro Yonemoto (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Noriko Hamada (Akita University)

contact: zoomyose@gmail.com



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