Examples of ARIS games (ARISゲームの応用例)

ARIS games are classified into two major categories, namely, information maps and tours. Information maps are divided in teacher-generated maps and learner-generated maps. Tours are divided in on-site tours and off-site tours. Some example titles are listed below in each category. Search titles in ARIS app to play. They are set up as open games so that anybody can play.


1. Information Maps(情報マップ型)

1.1 Teacher-generated information maps(教員主導情報マップ)

Middlebury College Museum of Art (QR code)

How to make QR code in ARIS

Examples of AR scan in book

Other game titles:

・2018 Middlebury School of Japanese (English)

・ミドルベリー大学日本校@ICU (Japanese)

・刺青 MCMA 2016 (Japanese, QR code)

・陸前高田震災モニュメント 2014年作成 (Japanese)

・AR Test - Kazumi

1.2 Learner-generated information maps (学習者主導情報マップ)

Find Japan on campus (Japanese and English)

Other game titles:

・北京外国語大学のキャンパスと周辺 (Japanese)

・ミドルベリー中級1 おすすめマップ 2015 (Japanese)

・駅弁マップ (Japanese)

・世界桜マップ/World cheery blossom Map(Egnlish and Japanese)

2. Tours(ツアー型)

2.1 On-site tours(現地ツアー型)

金沢観光ツアー and 東京下町洋食屋巡り(Japanese)

Video Tutorial (Asakusa Tour)

Other game titles:

・大阪ツアー (Japanese)

・2016 しょきゅう1 ミドルベリー (スカベンジャーハント) (Japanese)

2.2 Off-site tours (仮想ツアー型)

「黒い雨」新版 (Japanese)

Other game titles:

・30の物語 (Japanese)