Using Meta Quest 2


1. Wearing Meta Quest 2 and turning it on

on-off button (on the right hand side of the unit)


volume button (on the botom of the unit)


adjust distance between two lenses (Move the lenses by hand.)

Left controller (joystick, X, Y, three-line button) Right controller (joystick, A, B, Oculus button)


Side of controller (trigger button, side button)


2. Setting up Guardian

In order not to hit anything around a player, you are asked to set a physical playing area. It is called "Guardian." There are two types of guardian: room scale and stationery.
Since we do not expect you to move around, you are OK to set up a stationery guardian. It creates a virtual tube around you. If you step outside a guardian, you will see the real surroundings.

3. Setting up WIFI (for the first time only)

1 On main menu, click ‘Quick Settings’ (leftmost) 

2 Click Wi-Fi (a. Usual Wi-fi connections only need password. b. Campus connections need your school username & password. Also, select ‘Do not validate’ on CA Certificate section.)


Video instruction

4. Entering WANDER

How to open Wander



4. Entering WorkRooms

How to open WorkRooms



Contact: 畑佐一味(Kazumi Hatasa)School of Languages and Cultures, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Samet Baydar, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Purdue University