Kana Bimoji

Kana Bimoji is a mobile app to practice writing Hiragana and Katakana.
It is developed and released from Gloding Inc.
The app is free and available for both Android and iOS.

This app was originally developed for Japanese children.
It has been modified for Japanese language learners.
All directions are in English.

Andoroid version iOS version 


Writing with a finger is not the same as writing with a pen or pencil.
So, a stylus pen is recommended to simulate writing motion with a pen.
Stylus pens are available for purchase at a major computer or stationery store for $5 to $10.


Open Bimoji app and touch "スタート" (start) in blue. Touch the first character "あ."
Characters are arranged vertically from right to left.
* If you want to turn BGM off, click the circle on the left.



In the blank white box, write the character "あ" following the correct stroke order.
The number on the upper left indicates remaining time in seconds to finish writing.


The program rates handwriting in three levels: "残念" (bad), "並" (good), or "美" (great)
by calculating deviations from model.
Touch "新規" (New) in the lower left corner to write again.
The arrow ▶ brings up a next character.
The arrow ◀ brings up a previous character.︎
Touch BACK on the top right corner for the table.


The table shows the current rating on characters a student has practiced.
Getting "美" stamps on all hiragana is a good goal,
but score of 80, 並" (good) is sufficient.

Have fun!

If you encounter any problems or have suggestions,
please feel free to contact me.

Kazumi Hatasa
Purdue University / Middlebury School of Japanese

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