SIA Japanese Language Project

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Module 1

Review and Quiz




Module 2








Practice with numbers using Subaru-specific items. (Outback, Forester 1, Forester 2)






Kana and Vocabulary Exercises
(This site contains a series of exercises for Hiragana and Katakana.)

Learn Kana

If you or somebody you know have children learning Japanese, the following site may be useful.





More General vocabulary exercises

Gojuon order        Random order

Color terms       Animal names1

Zodiac signs in Chinese/Japanese

Gojuon order
      Random order

Higarana-katakana association game

Hiragana-Katakana association

 Animals 1            Sweets1

Northeastern states       Midwestern states

Soutern states         Western states

Food and drinks 1           Sweeets 1
Countries 1            Cities 1

Northeastern states       Midwestern states

Southern states         Western states

EU countries scrambler     Olympic Games -Winter- scrambler


Transportation 1 (reading)     Transportation 1 (scrambled)


Fruit 1 (reading)            Fruit 1 (scrambled)


Vegetables 1 (reading)         Vegetables 1 (scrambled)

Vegetables 2 (reading)          Vegetables 2 (scrambled)

Vegetables 3 (reading)          Vegetables 3 (scrambled)


Cuisine 1 (reading)           Cuisine 1 (scrambled)


Appliances 1 (reading)          Appliances 1 (scrambled)

 House interior

House interior 1 (reading)        House interior 1 (scrambled)

  World Geography

Names of G20 nations(reading 1)    G20 Nations(scrambled)

Names of G20 nations(reading 2)